Welcome to the World of Cocktails

Experience Kit is your guide to the world of cocktails. It is a perfect turn-key solution for beginners and a set of inspiration with unmatched tools for professionals.

Design meets usability in Experience Kit. All instruments are unique Finnish design and are tested to combine best performance with appearance. The heart of the Experience Kit is the Experience Guide, which guides you into the art and science of making cocktails. All this comes in a handy, water-proof bag that helps you to carry and store the instruments conveniently. Browse through the site to know more and make an order or contact us in case of any questions.

The Experience Kit is prepared to take cocktail culture to every home. It has been produced and prepared by people behind A21 Cocktail Lounge that has been coined as one of the Worlds Best Bars.

Please browse through the site to learn more about Experience Kit to make an order. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

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"They say that a bad workman blames his tools but having used the Experience Kit I assure anyone that you cannot use that excuse any more if you have the kit... stylishly designed, well constructed and a joy to use...bravo"

Angus Winchester, Global Bar Consultant and Cocktail Aficionado

"The cocktail kit is a practical and goodlooking novel tool for today's bartender"

Peter Dorelli, Cocktail Legend